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This category contains a large variety of materials to learn a new language or improve the native one: toys for vocabulary development, spelling games, histories, music and puzzles for initiation in different cultures and traditions.


  • French

    Learn French alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, numbers and exercise communication skills with our selection of toys and games. Meet French culture with traditional music and stories.

  • English

    Whether it is your first language or the second one, we can never cease to improve our English language skills. Browse through our list of playful tools for English language learning.

  • German

    German is one of the major languages of the world. Increase your child's vocabulary and conversation skills in German language by offering him fun materials that make learning simple and joyful. 

  • Spanish

    Spanish is the third language by total speakers in the world. Learn to speak Spanish while making the most of your family time. Select from our collection of playfully products and start learning now!

  • Italian

    You and your kid can learn Italian in a simple and amusing way. We provide you a veritable kit to play and learn, alone, in a Playgroup or in Family: toys, games, music, stories.

  • Portuguese

    Portuguese is a musical and romantic language, widely spoken around the globe. Give your kid the chance to listen to music and play with vocabulary in order to master Portuguese now. 

  • Chinese

    Do you find Chinese language difficult to learn? You and your kids could try our tools that simplify learning. Just play, speak and discover this wonderful culture.

  • Russian

    Russian is one of the widely spoken language in Europe. Children learn fast when they rôle play, listen to music or their favorite stories. Check out our Russian learning tool selection!

  • Multilingual

    If you are a bilingual family, you would appreciate products that can allow your children to exercise two or more languages at a time. They can use one language to learn another or improve the vocabulary in both or several languages. This section provides multilingual toys and games for polyglots.

  • Other language

    Are you coming from a faraway country or just passionate about foreign language? We are constantly working on enriching our catalogue with products in more and more languages. Search below for tools in your targeted language.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 76 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 76 items