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Buy toys and games that are age-appropriate for your children. Make smart toy choices and pick the products that are right for your child's skill level, in order to boost learning and offer him enjoyment.


  • Infants

    Developing language skills begin at birth through loving interactions and stimulation. As the infant's preferred toy is his parent, your contribution is essential. You can talk to him, sing songs, read stories, use your creativity to play with him. In this section, you will find appropriate activity tools for infants.

  • Toddlers

    Language development begins in the first three years of life and it is closely linked to children's exposure to materials like: picture books, music, stories, modeling, shape sorters, blocks. Toddlers learn languages by interacting with others and experiencing different activities.  Choose from our selection of educational tools and help your kid become bilingual.

  • Preschoolers

    Children like to learn languages, they are receptive and they begin to play actively with each other. Select among our collection of boarding games, toys and educational materials and help them integrate into the intercultural world.

  • School age

    At school age, children learn in a more organized way and they use more complex toys. Check out this section for educational toys, boarding games, traditional story books, audio support for language learning. You can find products to use at home, in a playground and in the classroom. 

  • Adolescents

    It's nice to be a polyglot, a person of two or more worlds, to have a global vision about life. As an adolescent, you already now have important is to speak a foreign language, to be able to travel, have fun and share your knowledge to others in different languages. Improve your language skills and play!

  • Adults

    We never stop learning, as well as we never stop playing and it is even better when we learn for pleasure. You can learn a targeted language by playing  family games or doing intercultural activities for adults, reading books. You'll find appropriate tools in this category. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 98 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 98 items