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Enhance your family foreign language learning potential by playing, reading and having fun. Tools for bilingual learning at home, in classroom or in a playground. Select your preferred activity and browse among specialized educational tools for language learning.


  • Toys

    Toys are the perfect instruments to introduce a new language or culture. Whether they are traditional toys, puzzles, puppets or dolls, electric toys, they can all serve to learning purpose. Use toys to stimulate creativity, vocabulary, social and cognitive skills.

  • Games

    Games help us to stay motivated in learning, they are a great way to socialize and to develop team player, communication, competition skills. Each player comes with his own experience, language, and perspective, so we can enrich our general knowledge. In the end, everybody wins! So take your time to search for your or your kid's favorite game!

  • Music

    Who doesn't love music? It is so diverse, but still, it is a universal social phenomenon. Adults and child, we all use music to learn, to regulate our emotions, to cope with stress, to have fun, to be with others. It is also a way to meet with traditions and different cultures around the globe. Let's sing and dance and become polyglots! 

  • Books

    We play and sing and joy in different ways, but everything is not complete without books. We offer you specialized books for language learning and story books. We learn a lot with unconventional methods, but books represent a more organized and formal way to learn, they help us exercise our grammar skills and vocabulary and send us in marvelous and imaginative worlds. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 97 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 97 items